Airbus Defence and Space

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Airbus Defence and Space is one of the three Divisions of the Airbus Group and Europe’s Number 1 defence and space company. It is the world’s second largest space company and one of the top 10 defence companies globally, with revenues of around €14 billion per year and approx. 40.000 employees. The Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space is Bernhard Gerwert. The Division started operating as of 1 January 2014.
Airbus Defence and Space develops and engineers cutting-edge and peerlessly reliable products in the field of defence and space. Its defence and space technologies enable governments and institutions to protect natural resources, societies and individual freedom. The aircraft, satellites and services help to monitor climate and crops, and to secure borders. Airbus Defence and Space solutions guarantee sovereignty in foreign affairs and defence matters. And its portfolio also ensures communication, mobility, the expansion of knowledge and the safeguarding of the environment.
Airbus Defence and Space is composed of four Business Lines: Military Aircraft; Space Systems; Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS); and Electronics. It brings together a wide portfolio to continue to meet the complex needs of its customers across the world, contribute to Europe’s defence and security, and secure Europe’s independent access to and utilisation of space. Among its flagship products are the transport aircraft A400M, the military jet Eurofighter and the civil Ariane launchers.

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