Constructive Criticism

Well, my feathers are a bit ruffled.

It seems that Michael Jastram thinks I am not very good… (or perhaps it’s my German that’s not so good).

In his comment on that page, he compares me, with my youth and open source approach, to established “excellent, affordable commercial tools” (“hervorragende, erschwingliche kommerzielle Werkzeuge”).

My Eclipse Newsletter!

I am so proud and happy: I have an Eclipse Newsletter dedicated to me!

Well, there other intersting stuff in the newsletter, but I am the star!

My minions and admirers are so nice to me they pooled together to say nice things about me! Thanks to Sébastien, Saadia, Francis, and Ronan for their efforts in writing these articles! And thanks to others (Susan, Roxanne, and Charles) for helping them in their efforts to support me – I greatly appreciate it!

PolarSys talks at EclipseCon North America

Take a look at the slides from these PolarSys presentations from EclipseCon in March. Learn more about the PolarSys Rover, Papyrus UML and Lego, Papyrus for Real Time and EMF Compare customizations developed for Papyrus UML.

The Papyrus IC is flying!

Remember my last post?

I talked about the creation of the Papyrus Industry Consortium

It was just an announcement back then…

But now it’s reality!

Check out the Press Release!

And the brand new (and still evolving) web site!

This is so exciting I have to take a breath between each sentence!

Introducing OpenCert: Evolutionary Assurance and Certification for Safety-Critical Systems

OpenCert is a candidate for PolarSys Solutions, enhancing Safety-Critical Systems tooling. The proposed project will be based on OPENCOSS (, a common assurance and certification tool framework for safety-critical embedded systems that spans different vertical markets for railway, avionics and automotive industries.

Growing interest in PolarSys at the INCOSE Symposium

The 25th anniversary INCOSE Symposium, Seattle, July 13-16, was a great opportunity for us to grow interest in PolarSys and to present some of the most active members of our ecosystem. And, of course, to experience great demos of Capella and Papyrus.

Presentations: Analyzing Eclipse Applications with Trace Compass and Massif : The love child of Matlab Simulink and Eclipse

This is the final installment in our series of talks presented at EclipseCon North America 2015. Marc-Andre Laperle takes us on a tour of Trace Compass, the PolarSys solution for building trace analyses and visualization tools. In the second video, Akos Horvath and Istvan Rath demonstrate how you can use Massif to bridge Matlab Simulink and Eclipse, including creating a user-friendly EMF model for Simulink.

Papyrus and PolarSys - Alongside the best of systems engineering from across the globe at Incose by Charles Rivet, Zeligsoft

Next week, in Seattle, WA, the INCOSE's 25th Annual International Symposium will be held, going back to the city where the symposium got started.

If you are a reader of this blog, you should already be familiar with INCOSE  - it is the "International Council on Systems Engineering", a not-for-profit organization with a mission to "share, promote and advance the best of systems engineering from across the globe for the benefit of humanity and the planet."

Presentations: Capella time lapse - a system architecture model and Customizing your MBE Workbench with Kitalpha

In Part 2 of our series from EclipseCon North America 2015, we're featuring Capella, the modelling workbench for Systems Engineering and the Kitalpha extension which can address specific engineering concerns with definitions for example, for new data, diagrams or user interfaces.

Presentations: Papyrus-RT, an open-source UML-RT tool and Rover Use Case, specification and design using Polarsys tools

In this video series we'll be highlighting the PolarSys presentations selected for a special full day program at EclipseCon North America 2015. This blog presents Papyrus RT the PolarSys tooling project for modeling for real-time, embedded software systems and the Rover Use Case, a demonstration project that in this talk, will be used to highlight three PolarSys projects: ReqCycle, GenDoc and Papyrus.