Open Source Solution for
Model-Based Systems Engineering

Comprehensive, extensible and field-proven MBSE tool and method
to successfully design systems architecture

How can Capella help you?

Formalize specification and master architectural design

Understand the customer need
Define and share the solution
Ensure engineering-wide collaboration
Early evaluate and justify architectural choices
Prepare and master V&V

A Comprehensive MBSE Solution

Capella provides methodological guidance, intuitive model editing,
and viewing capabilities for Systems, Software and Hardware Architects

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Model-Based Systems Engineering Method

Capella relies on Arcadia a field-proven model-based methodology that covers each engineering phase

Arcadia Method

Customizable, Open and Scalable MBSE Tool

Your process, your viewpoints: Capella can be adaptable to your own engineering approach and integrated with your tools

Capella Features

Successfully Deployed Solution

Capella is already used on concrete projects in numerous industrial sectors (aerospace, energy, transportation…)


Upcoming Event

Talks, workshops, dedicated events, webinars…: there is plenty of opportunity to meet the Capella experts.

Capella Day 2019
Annual event about the open MBSE tool

September, 16th | Munich, Germany


Two books thoroughly describe respectively the method and the tool.
The Arcadia book describes and illustrates the fundamentals of the method and its contribution to engineering activities.
The Capella book is a practical guide to using the workbench.

Jean-Luc Voirin

Model-based System and Architecture Engineering with the Arcadia Method

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Pascal Roques

Systems Architecture Modeling with the Arcadia Method - A Practical Guide to Capella Modeling Tool

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Rolls Royce


Rolls Royce

Arcadia and Capella for a
large complex mechanical system

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Ariane Group



Model-Based Systems Engineering
must become a team sport!!

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Progressive deployment of MBSE methods
in French nuclear industry

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Continental Automotive

Driving intelligent transportation systems
with Capella

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