How to become a Polarsys member

To become a PolarSys member you have to become an Eclipse member, and to sign the PolarSys Working Group membership agreement.

The process starts on this page on the Eclipse web site with a description of the process to become a member.

  • First step is to fill out the application form in .pdf or in .doc.
  • Second step is to fill out and sign the Eclipse membership agreement. To participate to PolarSys, you have to be at least an Eclipse Solution Member (except for guest academic members).
  • To become a PolarSys member, you also have to sign the Working Group Participation Agreement. "Exhibit D" about PolarSys must be filled out and signed.
  • Send the signed documents to membership@eclipse.org and info@polarsys.org

If you have any questions about how to become a member, send them to both membership@eclipse.org and info@polarsys.org

Universities can be invited as guest participants for free by the PolarSys Steering Committee. In this context, the university apply to this type of membership by sending an application by email to info@polarsys.org with the following information: university, team, point of contact, domain of investigations and an explanation about the innovation and projects you bring to PolarSys. The application will be validated by the PolarSys Steering Committee during their next monthly meeting. After confirmation of the guest status, the university has to follow the process described herebefore with two details:

Reuse strategy

As far as possible, PolarSys reuses existing open source components in order to address its requirements. When some needs like domain specific features, durability or ability to be qualified are not taken into account by these projects, PolarSys fills the gaps.

What licenses are allowed in PolarSys?

As the other Industry Working Group, PolarSys complies with the IP rules of the Eclipse Foundation. The preferred license is the Eclipse Public License 1.0, but depending on the context, other licenses such as Apache Software License or Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL) may be accepted. For more information, please contact us.