Flanders Make

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Tools providers

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. In it, internal researchers and laboratories of the 5 Flemish universities join forces to set up a top-level research network in Flanders.

Through pre-competition research, they together support companies in the manufacturing industry to innovate and, as such, strengthen their international competitive position.

Flanders Make collaborates with major companies and SMEs. Together they focus on product and process innovation based on the challenges and needs of the industry. The research focus is on 4 technological domains: power electronics & energy storage, mechatronics & design methods, production processes and people-driven system development. This will, as a first step, yield product and process innovations in 3 fields of application: vehicles, machines and factories.

Flanders Make also attaches great importance to international cooperation in the field of innovation and to participation in European research projects. By 2018, more than 300 researchers will work full-time at Flanders Make as a unique research community on a joint industrial research agenda.

The Flemish government supports Flanders Make financially with a basic funding amounting to 8.4 million Euro per year as of 2014, combined with once-only impulses from SALK, EFRO and Competitiviteit amounting to 16.5 million Euro for funding targeted research.

Flanders Make has establishments in Lommel, Diepenbeek and Leuven and at the 5 Flemish universities: KU Leuven, Antwerp University, Gent University, Hasselt University and the Free University of Brussels.

Flanders Make is convinced that PolarSys gathers companies and tools with a high potential value for Flanders Make's industrial partners. To optimize this value for its industrial partners, Flanders Make joins the PolarSys working group and more specifically the Papyrus Industry Consortium.  

Industry Domains: 
Aircraft Industry
Space Industry