Growing interest in PolarSys at the INCOSE Symposium

Ready to welcome INCOSE attendeesThe 25th anniversary INCOSE Symposium, Seattle, July 13-16 was a great opportunity for us to grow interest in PolarSys and to present some of the most active members of our ecosystem. And, of course, to experience great demos of Capella and Papyrus.

PolarSys was on the radar of many INCOSE members since day one, as most of our PolarSys solutions have prominent places in Systems Engineering processes. And, after I attended two events to learn more about INCOSE and represent PolarSys, we decided to go to this 25th anniversary event as a group - with enough space for two demo pods, and a big TV for a demo video playlist.

The response from the INCOSE symposium participants was beyond our expectations - both in the number of visitors to our booth and the interest shown. We were also able to make some interesting observations.

  • First of all, Open Source Solutions for Systems Engineering are still considered to be innovative and new;
  • Open Source however, isn't a show-stopper for most companies anymore as they see the advantage of more open and interoperable solutions;
  • Papyrus support for SysML and UML-RT is receiving more and more attention from both companies and academics;
  • The talks from Thales about Capella and Arcadia had good audiences and brought a lot of people to the booth to learn more.

Thank you to CEA, Obeo, Thales and Zeligsoft for your participation and enthusiasm at the INCOSE Symposium! This is a great way for us to grow the PolarSys community.

And, a big thank you to the hundreds of attendees who stopped by our booth, and an invitation to connect over our mailing list or simply through our newsletter.