Capella IC Announced

A proposal has been made to establish the Capella Industry Consortium (IC) at PolarSys.

The vision of the Capella IC is to host the Capella Ecosystem stakeholders in a vendor neutral way, organized by an open governance model. It will allow them to better collaborate, share investment and best practices, and leverage Open Innovation to co-develop new MBSE capabilities.Capella IC logo

The main goal of the consortium is to support the PolarSys Capella solution, in association with the field-proven Arcadia methodology, to become the leading Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solution. Targeted for industrial users, Capella provides a mature, full-featured, sustainable solution which can be widely distributed as an open source alternative to existing proprietary modeling tools.

The official announcement of the Capella IC will take place on June 20th as part of Capella Day, the first event dedicated to the Capella community, held in conjunction with EclipseCon France 2017. You are invited to review the draft Charter and provide comments on the PolarSys mailing list at

Papyrus 2.0.3 Neon.3 Released

The Eclipse Papyrus 2.0.3 Neon release is now available! You'll be able to install it using the Neon update site.

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Papyrus 4.0.0 Photon M6 milestone

The Eclipse Papyrus 4.0.0 M6 is now available! This milestone contains the newly released Test and Developer tools under the Toolsmiths category. You can see and install the new features in the latest Photon package by fetching them from the above mentioned update site. These will now be released with Papyrus UML to ease third party integration.

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Capella 1.1.0 Released

Find out about the new features in the detailed release notes and download it for a test run.

Papyrus 2.0.2 Neon.2 Released

The Eclipse Papyrus 2.0.2 Neon release is now available! Go to the Download page to install Papyrus.

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Capella 1.0.3 Released

The latest version of Capella is now ready to download. Learn more about Capella's capabilities on the project site.

Papyrus Neon available for download

Download Papyrus Neon.1 (2.0.1). Looking for additional components for Papyrus? You'll find them under Help ->Install Papyrus Additional Components

Papyrus 2.0.1 Neon.1 Released

The Eclipse Papyrus 2.0.1 Neon release is now available! Go to the Download page to install Papyrus.

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Welcome EclipseSource

Please welcome EclipseSource, active in a range of Eclipse projects including Papyrus, Eclipse Modeling, Platform and Real-time, as the newest participating member.

Welcome UOC to PolarSys

A state-of-the art technological university with a highly innovative learning model, providing a benchmark for quality in both teaching and R&D.