EGerrit 0.1 Available

EGerrit is the Eclipse plug-in integrating Gerrit's features. You can download it from the Marketplace or the p2 Repositories.

Get Started with Papyrus - RT 0.7.1

Install Papyrus 0.7.1 and take a tour with the Getting Started.

Capella 0.8.3 Released

Read the release notes and download Capella 0.8.3 here. Learn more on the Capella wiki.

C/C++ Development Tooling 8.8

Read what's New & Noteworthy in the CDT 8.8 Mars release.

Trace Compass 1.1.0

Trace Compass 1.1.0 was released in September as part of the Mars Release Train. Read the New & Noteworthy.

Rover Case Study: ISO/IEC 29110 Lifecycle Demonstration Case Study

The latest Rover Case study shows how the PolarSys tool chain can be applied throughout the development lifecycle defined by the ISO/IEC 29110 standard.

Capella 0.8.2 Released

Download Capella 0.8.2. Read the release notes and learn more on the Capella wiki.

Papyrus 1.1.0 Released

The Eclipse Papyrus 1.1.0 release is now available! Check the new features on the what's new? page.

You can install Papyrus from the Mars packages or use the Papyrus Downloads page

More news

Titan team publishes its first Open Source release

The Titan team just released Titan 5.2.0. This is the first open source release of the TTCN3 tool suite that has been developed and used by Ericsson for more than 10 years.

Tecnalia joins PolarSys

Tecnalia joined PolarSys on April 2015. They will be the main contributors of an open source project that provide tools for a new approach developped during the OPENCOSS research project to address certification aspects from the early phase of a project.