3 new projects proposals accepted in Q1/2015

On Q1 2015, Eclipse Safety Framework, eGerrit and Papyrus-RT were created. These three projects are supported by PolarSys members and will become important parts of the PolarSys solutions.

PolarSys Introduces Five New Open Source Solutions for Embedded System Development

PolarSys announces five new industry solutions for embedded system development.

Tecnalia to join PolarSys to contribute OpenCOSS software

Tecnalia is joining PolarSys. They will be the main contributors of an open source project that provide tools for a new approach developped during the OPENCOSS research project to address certification aspects from the early phase of a project.

Save the date!


Your system design needs modeling: Papyrus, the MDE open-source cutting-edge solution

  • Thursday, January 29th 2015, at hotel Napoleon Paris

If you cannot come to Paris, we invite you to join a web-conference on the same subject Friday, January 30th 2015 at 10 am

Why participate?

  • You will understand the strategic value of Papyrus modeling tool
  • You will understand how to leverage both standard modeling languages (e.g., UML and SysML) and domain-specific modeling languages.
  • You will listen and exchange around the feedback from the company ERICSSON
Send us an email to register (dils -at-

More news

New paper and presentation of Kitalpha at DSM14

New paper and slides about Kitalpha by Benoït Langlois were selected at DSM14 in Portland Oregon. That's a good introduction to this new PolarSys project that provides a DSM Modeling Framework.

Keynote at Models 2014

In his keynote, "Future of MBE in industry - Open source is the only solution!" at Models 2014, Francis Bordeleau from Ericsson presented his vision about how Ericsson leverages PolarSys to create an industrial community around Papyrus.

Papyrus 1.0.0 Released

The Eclipse Papyrus 1.0.0 release is now available! For a short listing of the new features available in this release, check the release plan. You can easily install Papyrus from Luna packages or use the Papyrus Downloads page.

More news

Eclipse newsletter about PolarSys

The April newsletter from Eclipse was about PolarSys. Read more about the PolarSys technologies, Papyrus and ReqCycle in this newsletter.