New talk: "Open Source Tools for Large-Scale Development?"

Francis Bordeleau and Dominique Toupin from Ericsson gave a talk at EclipseCon Europe last week entitled "Open Source Tools for Large-Scale Development?".

Get the PDF.

PolarSys IDE 0.7 released!

PolarSys announces the first release of the PolarSys IDE.

Download PolarSys IDE 0.7, test it, and participate to the definition of the 0.8 version to be released in Q1 2014.

More information about this release here.

New project proposal: CHESS


A new project is on its way to join PolarSys. CHESS provides component-based engineering methodology and tool support for the development of high-integrity embedded systems (e.g. satellite on board system). It implements its own UML profile based on MARTE (Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems) and extends Papyrus.

If you are interested in this proposal, or want to participate, please post a message on the Eclipse Community Forum.

PolarSys talk at SAE Aerotech

Dominique Toupin from Ericsson and Patrick Farail from Airbus will present a talk titled
"PolarSys Industry Working Group, Open Source Tools for Embedded System" at SAE Aerotech. See the presentation in PDF.
The talk is Tuesday September 24th at 2:30PM Room 512A in session "Systems Engineering (Part 1 of 5)"  - Session Code: ATC1300


Large industry players from Embedded Systems Industries like Aeronautic, Telecommunication, Space, Defense, ..., joined together to create an industry work group to drive an industrial strength open source tooling ecosystem which opens new possibilities. It allows to increase agility and ability to get required product features and improvements, facilitate customization for specific domains, reduce dependency towards lock-in solutions, empower developers, reduce overall cost, speeds up product development and innovations, produce qualification kits and long term availability i.e. more than 10 years.
In Q4 2012, the PolarSys community ( welcomes its first members, for example Airbus, Ericsson, Thales, etc. PolarSys leverages existing open source projects for example Eclipse modeling, domain specific languages, C/C++ tools, LGPL tools and raises the need for new developments. The initial focus is system engineering and software development. This presentation will describe why this industry working group was created, the end-users benefits are for companies who need to create embedded systems, the tool improvements projects and the PolarSys tool components.
Attendees will also learn why it is important to re-use components and to harness the power of open source in order to stay competitive. Companies can now work with open source foundations to organize collaboration and innovation for the creation of technology, specifications and best practices for a specific industry. An open source foundation can provide the legal agreements to share intellectual property rights, the ability to pool resources to create new technology and standards, the IT infrastructure to facilitate collaboration between a distributed team, a governance model and process to ensure a level playing field and a technology platform.
This presentation will mainly focus on tool aspects but will also briefly address runtime issues. One event well described in the media has been the first privately-operated spacecraft who has docked with the international space station; this was done with open source even in the docking system! This presentation is a must for everyone who do not want to be left behind by the open source revolution.

New Community link

Maybe you have noticed the new Community item on the PolarSys front page?

Now that the basic services of our working group - git, mailing liste, wikis, etc. - are up and running, the Community page will help you easily find those web interfaces.

PolarSys IDE Roadmap updated!

The roadmap of PolarSys IDE has been updated to take into account our progression.

If you have questions about it, please register here and post them on the polarsys-iwg mailing list.


Welcome to ArCon, Polychrony and Sirius!

We are pleased to relay the proposals of 3 new interesting projects connected to PolarSys and Eclipse:

  • ArCon: a tool for architecture conformance validation of systems modelled in UML/SysML.
  • Polychrony: a Signal Integrated Development Environment based on the Eclipse platform (Signal is a specification and programing language for critical/real-time embedded applications).
  • Sirius: a specific multi-view workbenches through graphical, table or tree modeling editors.

If you are interested in these proposals, or even want to participate, please post a message on the Eclipse Community Forum.

PolarSys Packaging Project in the starting blocks

The creation review of 3P, the first project for the PolarSys Industry Working Group is planned on February 6th. We're pretty excited about this creation of our first real project on the new forge. 3P will provide packages, platforms, and installers for functional stacks identified as required by the PolarSys Architecture Committee. Those stacks will be based on components originating from Eclipse and PolarSys projects.

More information at:

PolarSys creation

We are proud to announce the start of PolarSys activities in Q4 2012. The founding members of the PolarSys IWG:

  • Airbus, steering committee member
  • Ericsson, steering committee member
  • Thales, steering committee member
  • Intecs SpA, participating member
  • Obeo, participating member
  • Soyatec, participating member

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about PolarSys, or to get the relevant PolarSys contacts in these companies.