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The COTSAQ project provides a web based solution for managing Intellectual Property of software and systems. The project's scope includes the following:

  • Providing management of Intellectually Property (IP) including the ability:
    • To manage product or component life cycle.
    • To query all information about a component or product (name, version, copyright, license, website etc).
    • To track discussions, acceptance and rejection status of a component.
    • To generate various synthetic reports and documents.
  • Developing a web based application.
  • Developing server oriented components for use by the web based application.
  • Providing installers for usual server platforms like Linux distributions or Microsoft Windows.
  • Ensuring multi-platform and database support.
  • Ensuring compliance with standards like SPDX.
  • Providing extension points for customization.

Source code scanning is outside the projects scope.

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Creation Review2014-10-22