Eclipse Safety Framework 0.7.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016



This release is the initial release of the Eclipse Safety Framework (ESF) project.

The main features for this release are:

  • Meta-models and profiles of ESFCore, ESFArchitectureConcepts, ESFSafetyConcepts, ESFBehaviors and ESFProperties;
  • Import UML model;
  • FMEA;
  • Local Analysis.
API Certification: 

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues: 

ESF is based on Papyrus.

ESF is composed by many git reposoties. But for this release two repositories are concerned:

  • esf-infra: it is concerned to the core of ESF: common APIs, generic profiles, etc.
  • esf-toos: it is concerned to the safety analysis tools: FMEA, Local/Global Analysis, FTA, etc.
Security Issues: 

No security issues known.

Non-Code Aspects: 
Usability Details: 

ESF is compliant with User Interface Guidelines.

End of Life: 

Not applicable, as it is the initial release.


Support OMG  UML2.5.