PolarSys NG661 Designer

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ARINC661 part 2 project defines a language that can be used by any airframe manufacturer to formally specify modern graphical user interface (tactile support, animation, ...). The PolarSys NG661 Designer project proposes an open source tool that allows to specify and simulate HMI using the ARINC661 Part 2 Language.

The editor allows to build a specification model for graphical user interfaces from simple objects (widgets) to complex pages. It will contain 3 parts:

- Specification of interfaces: tabular edition of input parameters, output parameters and events

- Specification of the representation: graphic edition of the tree of graphic primitives (lines, rectangles, interactive areas, …)

- Specification of the behaviour: graphical edition of state-machines (including basic scripting)

The editor generates XML files based on the ARINC 661 part 2 language that can be executed thanks to the interpreting engine.

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