Capella 1.2.0 is a major release:

    41 bugs have been fixed
    26 evolutions have been implemented

These corrections involve:

    REC-RPL mechanism
    The Core of Capella
    Library management
    Diagram management
    Transition system
    Model Validation
    Capella user interface
    Diff-Merge component adaptation

Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

PolarSys LibIMS:library for Modular Integrated Simulation

The library provides an example implementation of the Eurocae ED-247 specification (nick name Vistas). It is written in C in order to facilitate the understanding of the transport layer code proposed by the Eurocae ED-247 specification. It is provided in order to serve as a guide for interconnection of modules (software or hardware) with avionic test benches or other modules also supporting ED-247 communications.

PolarSys Rover receives technology transfer from A4MCAR project

The PolarSys Rover project will receive contributions based on features developed by the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts in the A4MCAR project. The A4MCAR is a multi-core, radio-controlled car used to demonstrate parallel applications in embedded systems.

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