Capella 1.1.0 is a major release:

  • 97 bugs have been fixed
  • 44 evolutions have been implemented

These corrections involve:

  • REC-RPL mechanism
  • The Core of Capella
  • Library management
  • Documentation
  • Diagram management
  • Transition system
  • Model Validation
  • Capella user interface
  • Diff-Merge component adaptation
Release Date: 
Saturday, December 31, 2016


This release is the initial release of the Eclipse Safety Framework (ESF) project.

The main features for this release are:

  • Meta-models and profiles of ESFCore, ESFArchitectureConcepts, ESFSafetyConcepts, ESFBehaviors and ESFProperties;
  • Import UML model;
  • FMEA;
  • Local Analysis.
Release Date: 
Thursday, January 5, 2017

Papyrus-RT v 0.8.0

Good news!

A new version of Me for Real Time is now available!

Papyrus-RT 0.8.0 (on Neon no less) is now available for download!

There are many ways for you to enjoy the goodness of this new release, and all can be accessed on the Papyrus-RT Download page.

PolarSys Time4Sys

PolarSys Time4Sys provides a framework that fills the gap between the capture of timing aspects in the design phase of a real-time system and the ability of specific/dedicated tools to verify the consistency and performances of a given scheduling.

Time4Sys is composed of two building blocks (the Design and the Analysis pivot models) as well as a set of transformation rules between them.