PolarSys at the Incose International Symposium 2016

PolarSys partners will be exhibiting at a joint booth at the Incose International Symposium, July 18-21 in Edinburgh. Drop by to see demos of Papyrus and Capella and learn more about PolarSys Solutions.


Capella is the first field-proven, extensible and Open Source Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) workbench. It supports operational teams to easily create productive system architectural design by providing an approach for defining, analyzing and validating architectures in 5 successive phases. Each phase has well-defined objectives, from the identification of operational concepts and processes to the design of the organic architecture and the definition of subcontracting items. Capella emphasizes multi-viewpoint trade-off analysis.

At the core of Capella development is the challenging balance between remaining as simple as possible for end-users and providing the required expressivity to model and master complex systems. Capella provides a whole set of advanced, high value, business-focused capabilities, that we will demonstrate.


Papyrus is an industrial-grade open source Model-Based Engineering tool. Papyrus has notably been used successfully in industrial projects and is the base platform for several industrial modeling tools. It supports the comprehensive MBSE structure that promotes improved communications, enhanced knowledge capture, greater ability to manage complexity and support for cohesive architectures, verification and validation. Papyrus' UML and SysML support is based on the Eclipse UML2 component, a reference platform that ensures interoperability.

Our Partners

CEA List

One of three institutes which comprise CEA Tech, the List institute is committed to technological innovation in digital systems. Its R&D activities - driven by major economic, societal and industrial challenges - encompass four main themes: advanced manufacturing; embedded systems; ambient intelligence; and healthcare, including radiotherapy and imaging technologies.



Obeo provides open software solutions to create and transform complex systems. A strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation and leader of several of its projects, Obeo’s solutions combine the openness of Open Source and the reliability of a software provider. Our core business consists in helping our customers implement innovative and custom modeling solutions.



Thales helps to create a safer world by serving five key sectors: Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defence and Security. We partner with our customers every day to understand their challenges and to anticipate their needs. From product design to training, our customers benefit from our technical expertise. The results are dependable solutions that deliver long-term satisfaction. Together, we innovate with our customers to build smarter solutions. Everywhere.



Zeligsoft is a pioneering developer of engineering tools providing world-class, adaptive, non-prescriptive, standards-based technology solutions that support a model-based and component-oriented approach to the development of complex software-intensive systems. Zeligsoft has a proven track record for enabling development teams to achieve immediate productivity gains in application development through its open and proprietary solutions for the embedded software industry, domain Specializations for customized development environments, and professional services that provide software tool development expertise and training.


Presentation in the Core MBSE track

Simplifying (and enriching) SysML to perform functional analysis and model instances, Mon 18, Jul 14:15-14:55
Jean-Luc Voirin, Stephane Bonnet, Daniel Exertier, and Veronique Normand from Thales

This paper gives an overview of the adapted language and practices that provide the basis for Arcadia and Capella. Through concrete examples, the paper focuses on modelling constructs supporting functional analysis and addresses issues around modeling at the instance level.

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