PolarSys Rover User Story: Application Platform Project for MultiCore (APP4MC)

by Robert Hoettger and Mustafa Özçelikörs

Eclipse APP4MC is a platform for engineering embedded multi- and many-core software systems. The platform enables the creation and management of complex tool chains including simulation, analysis, and validation. As an open platform, proven in the automotive sector by Bosch and their partners, it supports interoperability and extensibility and unifies data exchange in cross-organizational projects.


System Model
APP4MC Rover


The APP4MC Rover, one of the demonstrators for the APP4MC project, uses the Pololu Dagu Rover 5 basis provided by Eclipse’s PolarSys project along with many proximity sensors, a camera, and a compass sensor. The APP4MC Rover can be controlled via a webpage that also displays core utilization and sensor information. The Rover can perform complex tasks such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Parking via commands sent from the browser.

Rover Web Interface
APP4MC Rover Web Interface 2


The goal of the demonstrator is to create an embedded multi-core platform that is multi-threaded and features scheduling and traceability. The Raspberry Pi3 has been chosen due to its affordable price, the freely available libraries, its broad existing usage by engineers and hence being an easy starting point for developers getting in touch with APP4MC. The platform demonstrates how APP4MC’s partitioning and mapping tools can be used to reach optimization goals as well as to provide distinctive insights into simulation and analysis approaches using the AMALTHEA hardware and software models.

More details are available at https://wiki.eclipse.org/APP4MC/Rover. The source code of this project can be found at http://git.eclipse.org/c/app4mc/org.eclipse.app4mc.examples.git/tree/rover.