PolarSys Rover User Story: Eclipse Papyrus for Real-Time (Papyrus-RT)

by Nicolas Hili

Eclipse Papyrus for Real-Time (Papyrus-RT) is an Eclipse-based, open-source modeling development environment for UML-RT systems. UML-RT is a profile of UML specifically designed for Real-Time and Embedded (RTE) systems. It has a long, successful track record of application and tool support via, e.g., IBM Rational RoseRT, IBM RSA-RTE, and now Papyrus-RT. Papyrus-RT allows the generation of complete, executable code from models and advances the state-of-the-art via support for model representation with mixed graphical / textual notations and an extensible code generator.


RT Rover
RT Rover Traffic Light


The Rover we built is based on the Pololu Dagu Rover 5 Tracked chassis from Pololu used for driving two engines, an ultrasonic detection sensor SR04, and a camera module connected to the Raspberry PI 3 through CSI. It also embeds an additional auto-calibrating line sensor LSS05 in order to execute the « follow the line » scenario.

Models created using Papyrus-RT describe both the structural and behavioral parts of the system. Fully functional C++ code can be generated and compiled on the Raspberry PI for execution. Examples of models are illustrated below.


State Machine Application
State Machine Engine Controller


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