PolarSys Solutions Components

The table below lists the projects included in PolarSys Solutions. To keep the list manageable, it doesn’t include all the lower level projects. For example, the Eclipse Platform is displayed but not the subprojects normally included in the platform such as Platform Debug, Platform UI, RelEng, Resources, and SWT.

Project Hosted Capella C/C++ Tool EGit/ EGerrit Papyrus Titan Trace Compass
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling Eclipse   X       X
Eclipse EGerrit Eclipse     X      
Eclipse EGit Eclipse     X      
Eclipse EMF Eclipse     X X    
Eclipse EMFT Eclipse       X    
Eclipse GEF Eclipse       X    
Eclipse GMF Notation Eclipse       X    
Eclipse GMF Runtime Eclipse       X    
Eclipse GMF tooling Eclipse       X    
Eclipse JGit Eclipse     X      
Eclipse Linux Tools Eclipse   X       X
Eclipse Nattable Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Nebula Eclipse       X    
Eclipse OCL Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Papyrus Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Papyrus-RT Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform Eclipse   X       X
Eclipse Platform Eclipse X X X X X X
Eclipse QVTo Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Target Management Eclipse   X        
Eclipse Titan Eclipse         X  
Eclipse Trace Compass Eclipse           X
Eclipse UML2 Eclipse       X    
Eclipse WTP Source Editing Eclipse   X        
Eclipse XWT Eclipse       X    
Eclipse Capella Eclipse PolarSys X          
EclipseOrbit ca.ordell.glazedlists EclipseOrbit       X    
EclipseOrbit org.apache.batik.css EclipseOrbit       X    
EclipseOrbit org.apache.batik.dom EclipseOrbit       X    
EclipseOrbit org.apache.batik.svg EclipseOrbit       X    
EclipseOrbit org.pushingpixels.trident EclipseOrbit       X    
EclipseOrbit com.google.gson EclipseOrbit     X      
EclipseOrbit com.google.guava EclipseOrbit X     X   X
EclipseOrbit net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime EclipseOrbit X X        
EclipseOrbit org.antlr.runtime EclipseOrbit X X   X X X
EclipseOrbit org.apache.commons.codec EclipseOrbit     X      
EclipseOrbit org.apache.commons.compress EclipseOrbit   X        
EclipseOrbit org.apache.commons.io EclipseOrbit       X   X
EclipseOrbit org.apache.commons.lang3.time EclpseOrbit     X      
EclipseOrbit org.apache.httpcomponents EclipseOrbit     X      
EclipseOrbit org.apache.poi EclipseOrbit         X  
EclipseOrbit org.freemarker EclipseOrbit   X        
EclipseOrbit org.hamcrest.core EclipseOrbit         X  
EclipseOrbit org.json EclipseOrbit           X
EclipseOrbit org.junit EclipseOrbit         X  
EclipseOrbit org.swtchart EclipseOrbit           X
GNU Bison Free Software Foundation         X  
GNU Compiler Collection Free Software Foundation   X     X  
GNU Debugger Free Software Foundation   X     X  
NetBSD Editline library (libedit) Jess Thrysoee         X  
Common Trace Format Linux Foundation DiaMon           X
Linux Tracing ToolKit LTTng           X
OpenSSL OpenSSL Software Foundation         X  
ant-contrib Source Forge         X  
Commons-Collections with Generics Source Forge         X  
flex Source Forge         X  
jung2 Source Forge         X  
TreeLayout Source Forge         X  
ANTLR University of San Francisco         X  
libxml2 Veillard Daniel         X  


PolarSys Forge Hosted Projects