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The objectives of 3P are to:

  • Provide Polarsys-specific packages which address requirements of embedded / critical software and system development. The initial bundle is a Model Driven configuration of Eclipse covering most development stages (specification, design, implementation). More packages will come later.
  • Provide installers that improves the install experience.
  • Provide platforms that keep packages building simple. These building platforms cover Eclipse packages - as far as possible using CBI or EPP - but also packages based on other technologies like C/C++, CAML, etc.
  • Provide build platforms compatible with Very Long Term Support.

As for PolarSys domains identified in the Top-Level project, 3P belongs to Build Continuous Integration of the Polarsys Service Framework.

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From to March 5th, 2014

PolarSys IDE 0.8 Current2014-03-05
PolarSys IDE 0.72013-10-23Review
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