3P PolarSys IDE 0.7 Release Review

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Release Review


PolarSys IDE 0.7


PolarSys is an Eclipse Industry Working Group created by large industry players and by tools providers to collaborate on the creation and support of Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems. PolarSys IDE is the package for the distribution of PolarSys.

Polarsys IDE 0.7 aggregates the following components:

  • Eclipse Kepler (4.3.1)
  • CDT (7.2.1)
  • Modeling: Acceleo (3.4.1), ATL (3.4.0), CDO (4.2.1), Ecoretools (1.2.0), EGF (1.1.0), EMF (2.9.1), EMF Compare (2.1.1), EMF Diff/Merge (0.2.0), EMF Query / Validation / Transaction (1.7.0), GMF (1.7.0), OCL (3.3.0), Papyrus (0.10.1), Xtext (2.4.3)
  • Mylyn
  • SCM: git/egit, svn
  • Linux tools


API Certification: 

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Security Issues: 

No security issue identified.

Non-Code Aspects: 

PolarSys IDE is built with Tycho and Hudson. This release is close to the PolarSys initial contribution. List of the modifications: 1) Two missing components were added (EGF and Emf diff/merge), 2) Definition of the final release version number.

End of Life: 

No PolarSys package deprecated so far.


The Polarsys Community page provides all the links for the members of the PolarSys community.

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