B612 - The PolarSys Font Creation Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

B612 - The PolarSys Font

Parent Project: 

The project is the result of a study performed between 2010 and 2012 and whose goal was to develop a new font for enhanced readability and better comfort for the reader. After user needs analysis,observations and discussions with end-users (crews, ...), requirements for the font designed have been issued. The font has been iteratively designed and tested in lab and simulators. The font is currently under deployment in new interfaces at Airbus. Airbus decided to open source it in order to make the community benefit from this work, and to benefit from external contributions.


This project provides a fully open-sourced font and its variants plus a leaflet. This font is designed for enhanced readability and comfort and safety (protection against reading errors).


The characteristics of the font are:

  • Maximize the distance between the forms of the characters
  • Respect the primitives of the different letters
  • Harmonize the forms and their spacing

Here is an example of font characters:

Why Here?: 

PolarSys is the place where Airbus expects to share results with other complex and embedded systems companies (automotive, railway, ...) where this font can be useful.

Initial Contribution: 

V.1.002 is available for upload

User leaflet is available for upload

Project Scheduling: 
  • Project creation expected at end of July
  • ttf font files uploaded in september for IP due diligence with a user leaflet
  • Submission to the EclipseCon Europe
Future Work: 

Some improvements (specific algorithms for rendering) will be done on some glyphs. Some tables (Arrows A&B supplement for example) need to be completed).

Project Leads: 
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