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The PolarSys CHESS project provides a model-driven, component-based methodology [1] and tool support for the development of high-integrity systems for different domains. The methodology is particularly suited for space systems and industrial domains.

Thanks to a dedicated MARTE and UML profile and associated tooling, CHESS addresses solutions to problems of property-preserving component assembly in real-time and dependable embedded systems, and supports the description, verification, and preservation of real-time properties (like sporadic/periodic activation patterns, worst case execution time, deadline) of software components at the level of component design down to the execution level.

CHESS also addresses the description and verification of system and component dependability properties (like fault, error, failures and failures propagations); however it is worth mentioning here that the dependability support (also described later in the proposal) is not part of the current CHESS contribution.

CHESS tooling extends Papyrus editor to properly support the CHESS methodology, in particular allowing working with different views on the model including requirements, system, components, deployment and analysis view.

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