Kitalpha 1.0.0

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Release of :

  • The architecture description which enables to edit and execute architecture frameworks and viewpoints
  • The CTK with the following components: Resource Reuse, Report, eMDE, Composer, Transposer, Accuracy, Model Detachment

All those components are released in the Kitalpha solution:

  • Kitalpha 1.0.0 - Windows 32 and 64bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.0.0 - Linux 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.0.0 - Mac OSX

Kitatlpha 1.0.0 is based on Eclipse Mars.

For Capella, based on Eclipse Juno:

  • It is ensured that the CTK components and Kitalpha runtime are compatible with Eclipse Juno
  • The generated viewpoint artefacts are compatible with Eclipse Juno
Target Environments: 

Available for Win 32-bit / 64-bit, Linux 32-bit / 64-bit, MAC OS

1.0.0 RC12015/10/23Availability for Mars
1.0.0 RC22015/10/28Code freeze - Only for blocking bugs next
1.0.0 RC32015/11/04
1.0.0 RC42015/11/10
Architecture Framework and Viewpoint
<a href "">47</a> Viewpoint DSL - Build aspect - Support of Git<br> <a href "">62</a> viewpoint associated tools (in the palette) are not cleared when viewpoint is stoped<br> <a href "">63</a> Proposed imports when several used viewpoints<br> <a href "">72</a> Viewpoint Generation menu and vpdesc resource<br> <a href "">90</a> Error at save when several VP DSL Projects are open<br> <a href "">110</a> Edition and generation of Viewpoint DSL is very slow<br> <a href "">111</a> Viewpoint Generation configuration: adding option for ecore aird<br> <a href "">119</a> [VPDSL - DIAGRAMS] Tools are not generated when there are only OpenAction in Actions section<br> <a href "">176</a> Generate automatically diagram extension<br> <a href "">310</a> Fix recomputing global scope for diagrams<br> <a href "">311</a> Computing provided by association is slow<br> <a href "">316</a> Exception thrown by Vptext prefix decorators<br> <a href "">317</a> Vpdsl builder participant is intrusive on all projects with Xtext nature<br> <a href "">337</a> [ad] Fix for mars release<br> <a href "">341</a> Adding new Style in content.css<br> <a href "">356</a> [diagram] Special characters are not managed imported diagrams<br> <a href "">364</a> Filtering content assist proposal when diagram extension<br> <a href "">380</a> Error in generated code when subclassing Emde.ExtensibleElement<br> <a href "">381</a> Error in editor generated code<br> <a href "">396</a> Activity Explorer<br> <a href "">412</a> Generation of contribution to the Contextual Explorer<br> <a href "">413</a> NPE in the Activity Explorer aspect<br> <a href "">423</a> [VPDSL] Ambiguate grammar for inheritance<br> <a href "">458</a> Bordered node import is not generated<br> <a href "">459</a> encoded paths at the execution of preconditions<br> <a href "">463</a> [Diagram] Labels of imported mapping are not used in diagram generation without a style definition<br> <a href "">465</a> Metamodel extension does not work as expected<br> <a href "">474</a> Forbid dash in viewpoint and AF names<br> <a href "">476</a> Activity explorer aspect editor enhancement<br> <a href "">477</a> [Activity Explorer Aspect] Using "&lt;" and "&gt;" rather than "<" and ">" in descriptions<br> <a href "">478</a> [AEx] Avoid generation of UnsupportedOperationException<br> <a href "">479</a> [AEx] Allowing extensions of Pages and Sections of the current and used viewpoints<br> <a href "">485</a> [AEx] Missing import of EObject in Page predicate java class<br> <a href "">486</a> [AEx] Adding EMF validation rules on icons paths<br> <a href "">493</a> [AEx] Page, Section and Activity name should accepts any characters<br> <a href "">507</a> [AEx] NPE when generating a page without Overview<br> <a href "">511</a> [VPDiagram] Tools precondition<br> <a href "">512</a> [AF Dsl] Problem with generation of an AF<br> <a href "">519</a> Synchronization between text resources & desc resource<br> <a href "">530</a> [VPDiagram] Nodes icon are not shown<br> <a href ""><539/a>'ComponentSample' example is outdated<br> <a href "">571</a> [VPDSL] Importing project in new workspace<br> <a href "">572</a> [VPDSL] delete several vpdsl projects<br> <a href "">582</a> Error when starting a viewpoint a second time<br> <a href "">583</a> ClassCastException when computing scope of Target Application<br> <a href "">589</a> fix example installers<br> <a href "">592</a> [VP Diagram] Dependency to AQL cause no loading of the generated design project<br> <a href "">598</a> [Activity explorer] Generated Java classes use deprecated API<br> <a href "">599</a> Fix features dependencies<br> <a href "">600</a> Bad diagram name export if the characters <> are used<br>
CTK (Core Technology Kit)
<a href "">75</a> Add feedback at launching detachment<br> <a href "">76</a> OutOfMemory Exception on a big models<br> <a href "">204</a> fix composer example<br> <a href "">383</a> [Detach] Accessibility of Detachment menu<br> <a href "">407</a> [EMDE] Contextual Explorer eMDE filter contribution<br> <a href "">554</a> [Detach] Troubleshoot in the deactivation of detachment menu<br>
<a href "">449</a> Partial documentation generation<br> <a href "">457</a> Incomplete generation of map areas for image generated from Sirius diagrams<br>
<a href "">121</a> Fix examples job<br> <a href "">342</a> plugin is unpacked<br> <a href "">347</a> branding is incomplete<br> <a href "">405</a> refactor features to fix runtime feature<br> <a href "">406</a> Unable to open Capella Studio on Windows 64bits<br> <a href "">501</a> Prepare version and splashscreen for 1.0.0<br> <a href "">522</a> Kitalpha HIPP builds consuming lots of space<br> <a href "">536</a> some plugins are unpacked<br> <a href "">537</a> emde features are messy<br> <a href "">562</a> Integration of Diffmerge and Pattern 0.5.1<br> <a href "">580</a> Update to Sirius 3.1<br>