Kitalpha 1.2.1

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Release Date: 
Monday, June 4, 2018

Release of :

  • The architecture description which enables to edit and execute architecture frameworks and viewpoints
  • The CTK with the following components: Resource Reuse, Report, eMDE, Composer, Transposer, Accuracy, Model Detachment

All those components are released in the Kitalpha solution:

  • Kitalpha 1.2.1 - Windows 64bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.2.1 - Linux 64-bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.2.1 - Mac OSX

Kitatlpha 1.2.1 is based on Eclipse Neon.

Target Environments: 

Availability for Win 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, MAC OS

Architecture Framework and Viewpoint
  • Open action precondition is saved in the vpdesc model with " characters [1774]
  • NPE when preparing Properties view without parent [1581]
  • Require bundles are generated many time in bundle manifests [1982]
  • UI - Duplicated properties tabs [2111]
  • Impossible to define eOpposite between simple reference [2149]
CTK (Core Technology Kit)
  • NPE when deleting a project with a Richtext editor view opened [2072]
  • Links toward diagrams and model elements doesn't work on remote model and on DTables [2071]
  • SWT exception raised when creating.editing rich text description [2170]
  • Externalize the instantiation of RichTextEditor in MDENebulaBasedRichTextWidgetImpl [2173]
  • Referenced viewpoint without used them in model are not detached [1858]
  • Exception when using an absolute path in a description [1946]
  • override equals and hash codes methods to compare two resources [1992]
  • Add a paste listener to alert user about dirty text [2003]
  • The web editor is not closed when the project.element is deleted [2017]
  • Non-saved text in widget viewer is lost at the opened the editor [2025]
  • Unknown Sirius Computed Colors are not deleted at detachment [2027]
  • Fix potentiel NPE in MDERichTextHelper#getProjectPath(EObject) [2029]
  • URL with https cannot be opened by Open Link menu [2031]
  • Save content before disposing the richtext widget [2050]
  • inverting parameters at calling OCLConstraintDescriptor constructor [2080]
  • Remove deprecated annotation on « ExtensibleElement :: ownedExtensions » [2118]
  • Adapt the clickable zones of a diagram to the auto-scale value [2035]
  • Enhance computing index [1984]