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OpenCert is a customizable safety assurance and certification tool environment integrated into existing manufacturers’ development and safety assurance processes and tooling. The OpenCert tools support the following activities of safety-critical product development:

  1. Standards & Regulations Information Management: This activity group supports knowledge management about standards (e.g. DO178C, ISO26262, EN 50128/50126/50129, etc.), regulations and interpretations, in a form that can be stored, retrieved, categorized, associated, searched and browsed. 
  2. Assurance “Project” Management: This is the core set of functionalities concerned with the development of assurance cases, evidence management, assurance process management, and global monitoring of the compliance with standards and regulations. The most relevant services of the OpenCert tools are to provide functionality that supports guidance and re-use of assurance artefacts. In addition, these services offer an evolutionary and transparent product and process assurance and certification with the ability to automate the most labour-intensive activities (e.g., traceability, compliance checking, assurance process planning, and metrics management, among others), as well as providing facilities to integrate the engineering activities with the certification activities from early stages.
  3. Compliance Management: The OpenCert tools help “engineers” to assess where they are with respect to their duties to conform to safety practices and standards, and still to motivate them to see the effective progress of the work and level of compliance.
  4. Modular and Incremental Certification: OpenCert supports a modular safety assurance and certification approach to enable cost-effective reuse of pre-qualified building blocks in different contexts (e.g., systems, configurations, upgrades). 


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