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OpenCert is a product and process assurance/certification management tool to support the compliance assessment and certification of safety-critical systems in sectors such as aerospace, railway and automotive. The main tool features include:

Knowledge Management

  • Capture information from Standards (e.g. safety functional standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, etc.).
  • Specify company specific Processes or Rules.
  • Map Knowledge from¬† different Standards to know better their equivalences and reuse opportunities.

Assurance Project Management

  • Create Safety Assurance Project.
  • Define Safety Assurance Project Baseline.
  • Define access permission for users.

Argumentation Management

  • Define modular assurance structure.
  • Develop claims and links to evidence.
  • Specify argumentation module assumptions.
  • Validate argumentation module assumptions.

Evidence Management

  • Determine the evidence to provide.
  • Collect and characterise evidence items information.
  • Specify traceability between evidence items.
  • Perform evidence change impact analysis.

Process Management

  • Check process compliance against Standards (e.g. functional safety standards)
  • Measure and estimate safety metrics.
  • Specify traceability between process items.


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