ReqCycle 0.8.0

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First PolarSys ReqCycle release. 0.8.0 release provides way to capture existing requirements from external sources, trace them with models or code, create own requirements, capture existing traceability links, visualize aggregated traceability as table or tree view and export requirements and associated traceability. ReqCycle also supports updates of requirements and impact analysis.

Architectural Issues: 

No architectural issue detected on this release.

Security Issues: 

No security issue identified.

Non-Code Aspects: 

Wiki available with ReqCycle motivations, main features, installation guide and tutorials (still under construction).

Usability Details: 

Known restrictions:
* can use enum types in requirement attribute types but it is not recommended as some requirement import wizards do not take them into account. We recommend using String in this release.
* can reference requirement files in file system but do not use spaces in directories. We suggest importing files in the workspace and use "browse workspace" instead of "browse file system".
* traceability export is limited to requirement links. links that do not concern requirements are not exported what makes traceability incomplete.

End of Life: 

Not applicable (first release)


Support use of following engineering standards:
* OMG UML and SysML through Papyrus integration</li>
* OMG ReqIF (requirement exchange format) through RMF and ProR integration