PolarSys Rover

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The first objective of the PolarSys Rover is to create a realistic, hardware-based demonstration and testing platform for the PolarSys solutions to demonstrate and test their individual and joint capabilities.

The second objective is to provide code, documentation and all the necessary artefacts to help users getting started with the end to end development of a simple but representative real-world system with PolarSys solutions. The project is also an opportunity for Eclipse and PolarSys projects to provide demonstrations and tutorials of advanced use cases.

We consider several potential rover scenarios including autonomous exploration, park assist, remote controlled (RC) rover with video on the controller, find the exit of a maze, ...

The project consists of different parts, each addressing a single or multiple aspects from the point of view of a particular PolarSys solutions or a combination of solutions.

The project provides training material for these solutions applied to the same rover system including all the material necessary to acquire and create your own rover for testing and demonstration.

We are considering partnerships with online retailers to help you acquire the hardware elements you need to build your own rover.

The project covers all the phases of the development of an embedded system, including system hardware and software requirement, architecture and detailed modeling, code generation, real-time system development debug and trace, and testing.

Latest Releases: 

From March 14th, 2017 to March 14th, 2017

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