PolarSys solutions

Since its inception, PolarSys has focused on the creation of open source packages dedicated to the different embedded systems development steps. These packages benefit from extensive tests and are deployed by PolarSys members.

Currently, PolarSys supports two mature solutions: Capella and Papyrus. Both are now supported by an Industry Consortium, a subgroup of PolarSys that focuses specifically on collaborative development, product management, and marketing of the solution.

Capella Industry Consortium

Capella IC logoThe Capella Industry Consortium (IC) was established in 2017 as part of PolarSys to host the ecosystem of stakeholders in the Capella project in a vendor-neutral way with an open governance model.

To fulfill the overall MBSE vision, the Capella tool, associated with the Arcadia method, offers a mature, full-featured, sustainable solution as an open source alternative to existing proprietary modeling tools.

The Capella IC gathers companies developing complex systems and software, suppliers providing offers on the top of Capella and academics interested in an MBSE topic for research. 

The Capella IC aims to offer its members a place to foster collaborations, share investment and best practices, and to leverage Open Innovation to co-develop new MBSE capabilities.

Papyrus Industry Consortium

Papyrus IC logo

The Papyrus Industry Consortium (IC) was established in 2016 as part of the PolarSys to collaborate on the development of an advanced, industry-ready, open source, model-based engineering (MBE) tool suite, and open tool platform based on the Eclipse Papyrus project.

Papyrus is the PolarSys solution for SysML and UML modeling, used extensively in large industrial solutions. Based on the Eclipse platform, it provides lifecycle integration through both Eclipse-based offerings and domain-specific tools contributed by partners.

The industry consortium fosters a community of users, software product and services suppliers, and researchers.