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PolarSys Rover

The project consists of several modules, each of them addressing the rover development from the point of view of a particular PolarSys solution including (in alphabetical order) Capella, CDT, Egit/Egerrit, Papyrus, Titan and Trace Compass.

The project provides training material for these solutions applied to the same rover system including all the material necessary to acquire and create your own rover for testing and demonstration.


OpenCert is a customizable safety assurance and certification tool environment integrated into existing manufacturers’ development and safety assurance processes and tooling. The OpenCert tools support the following activities of safety-critical product development:


The Arcadia engineering method mainly focuses on functional analysis, complex architecture definition and early validation. It is highly extensible and customizable through viewpoints providing integrated specialty engineering support.


The primary function of COTSAQ is to identify the list of third party components in each version of each product. In the screenshot below for example, Apache 2.2.14 has been added as a distributed part to the product named Product_4 version V2.1. For each version of each component, a comprehensive record is stored, including license, name, web site, authors, local policy, comments, ECCN, etc.