This page is still a work in progress as we have to relocate some resources for which we want to keep some links. Our goal is to have a first final version by September 15th. Feel free to ask questions to

One of the initial reasons for the creation of PolarSys was the organization of Very Long Term Support of TOPCASED and the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for open source tools for embedded systems. In July 2015, the TOPCASED servers were shut down and redirected to this page where we provide resources to help users migrate from the old TOPCASED uml and sysml editors to the corresponding PolarSys Solution: Papyrus.

TOPCASED 5.3.1 was the last version of TOPCASED and was based on Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo). In this version, Papyrus 0.8 was used as new UML/SysML editor. This version is definitely deprecated and no more under development. Nevertheless, if you can download it on [TBD].

Previous users of TOPCASED can use Papyrus + Gendoc + Acceleo to benefit from features that were used in most of the use cases. There is no integrated RCP version with all theses components for the moment, but feel free to comment on this forum message [TBD] to ask for it.


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions when people migrate from Topcased to Papyrus:

  • TBD: How to migrate my models
  • TBD: Where is Topcased Req
  • TBD: What is Topcased and where can I download it?


  • Add links to a download of the latest version of Topcased
  • Add a message asking for a Papyrus + Gendoc + Acceleo RCP version to replace the former Topcased package
  • Add links to the introductio nto Topcased from the Topcased website? 
  • Add some historical bits like award at for Topcased at the Bourget Air show by Aerospace Valley (video?)