Welcome new members! OneFact and Fraunhofer Fokus

Welcome new members:

OneFact, providing professional services for systems modeling, embedded control and for the BridgePoint xtUML modeling tool.

Fraunhofer Fokus (Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems) providing R&D services for the development of customizable communication systems.

Download Capella Release 1.0.1

Find out what's new in the Capella release notes.

Welcome new members! Adocus and FlandersMake

Join us in welcoming two new members to PolarSys:

  • Adocus, a specialist in UML-based modeling technologies
  • FlandersMake, a strategic manufacturing research center in Flanders

Eclipse Foundation Launches Papyrus Industry Consortium Focused on Modeling Tools for Embedded Development

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Papyrus Industry Consortium, a collaboration to create a model-based engineering platform and workbench ba

Kitalpha 1.0.0 Released

Learn how to develop and execute MBE workbenches with Kitalpha.

Capella 1.0.0 Successful Review and Release

Capella 1.0.0 has been released! Read the Release Notes to learn more and the Installation Guide to get started!

EclipseCon NA 2016

Some presentations about or related to Papyrus will be given during EclipseCon NA 2016 :

    Titan 5.4.0 Successful Release Review

    Read the Release Plan for the first complete release in open source of the core and plug-ins.