New member welcome: SAAB Group

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions in the military defense and civil security sectors. PolarSys welcomes Saab to both the PolarSys Steering Committee and to the Papyrus Industry Consortium.

Learn about Papyrus in the latest Eclipse Newsletter

Read the April issue of the Eclipse Newsletter for an in-depth look at Papyrus. For Papyrus users, we have an overview of Paprus 2.0 as well as an introduction to the recently founded Papyrus Industry Consortium. If you're new to Papyrus, the Ericsson Case Study may be of interest to you. You'll also find an article from the Papyrus research community on the Papyrus for IoT project.

Talks at EclipseCon France 2016

Some presentations about or related to Papyrus will be given during EclipseCon France 2016 :

    Eclipse Newsletter on Model-Based Engineering

    ReqCycle Update Release 0.9.1

    You'll find links to the installation guide on the downloads page.

    Trace Compass 1.2.1 Released

    Read the New & Noteworthy and try it!

    Welcome new members! OneFact and Fraunhofer Fokus

    Welcome new members:

    OneFact, providing professional services for systems modeling, embedded control and for the BridgePoint xtUML modeling tool.

    Fraunhofer Fokus (Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems) providing R&D services for the development of customizable communication systems.

    Download Capella Release 1.0.1

    Find out what's new in the Capella release notes.