One Fact

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Tools providers

One Fact offers professional services, consulting, training and support around systems modeling, embedded control and for the BridgePoint xtUML modeling tool.

We specialize in eXecutable Translatable UML (xtUML). We help customers improve their application development process by leveraging the benefits open-source xtUML provides. This means your product has a faster time to market, is more robust, and has reusable components for future projects.

Our expertise spans all three areas of xtUML: application modeling, model execution, and translation to implementation code.

Of course, since our team built BridgePoint upon the Eclipse framework, we have extensive experience using Java to create and enhance application software. We also have many years of experience in embedded programming covering a variety of industries and applications.

Additionally we offer consulting around UML standards, modeling techniques, model review, Eclipse, Java, C/C++, embedded software, legacy applications, configuration management, issue tracking, engineering processes, tools integration, model-driven workflows and more.