ReqCycle 0.9.0

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Support for images contained in requirement text

Support of a link status/lifecycle that can contains 3 values: defined, validated, to-check

Full support of link custom attributes

Requirement ID automatic naming with different strategies


This release is binary compatible with 0.8.0 (previous) release

Target Environments: 
  • Windows 7, 8
  • Linux
  • MacOS
0.9M12015/09/30*Alignement on Eclipse MARS release, especially for OCL and Papyrus support. *Teamwork support specification => available on wiki *Automatic creation of Requirement ID when creating requirements in ReqCycle ("local" connector) with several strategies for ID naming. * several bug fixed: 376, 625 (partially), 626, 627, 642, *Improved documentation on the way to use traceability outside of ReqCycle (for instance with gendoc or Acceleo...)
0.9M22015/12/24Support for images contained in requirement text