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PolarSys Time4Sys

PolarSys Time4Sys provides a framework that fills the gap between the capture of timing aspects in the design phase of a real-time system and the ability of specific/dedicated tools to verify the consistency and performances of a given scheduling.

Time4Sys is composed of two building blocks (the Design and the Analysis pivot models) as well as a set of transformation rules between them.

PolarSys NG661 Designer

ARINC661 part 2 project defines a language that can be used by any airframe manufacturer to formally specify modern graphical user interface (tactile support, animation, ...). The PolarSys NG661 Designer project proposes an open source tool that allows to specify and simulate HMI using the ARINC661 Part 2 Language.

The editor allows to build a specification model for graphical user interfaces from simple objects (widgets) to complex pages. It will contain 3 parts:

- Specification of interfaces: tabular edition of input parameters, output parameters and events

Eclipse Product Lifecycle Management Platform (ePLM)

The project is about developing a software to manage all the data around products. The term “product” should be largely understood as it could be a manufactured good, pharmaceutical one, apparel or anything that is made, assembled, packaged by an organization. Most of the time, a product is a mix of hardware and software binaries that must be managed under configuration.